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Far out?
Crossed the line?
Or a new level of saracasm?
It's our take on the funny side of history and reality in our original, hand drawn cartoon illustrations.
We hope you enjoy our efforts to play with history starting with ancient civilizations and a humorous, yet somewhat twisted, look at more recent times.
Come on...laugh with us as we throw real history and reality 'Under The Bus'. 
Coming Summer 2021

Throwing History: Under The Bus

Who says history has to be boring? Not US!

With handrawn, original illustrations, we tweak history starting with ancient civilizations and re-imagine what really happened. 

Relying on the annals of I.M. Platocrates, we've journeyed back to Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and a few other places in history to pull back the curtain on what life really was like. Well, at least based on the author's journals. 

You'll learn. You'll laugh. You'll start to wonder if what we've all ben taught in school really has any basis in history. 

Now this is history worth checking out!

Throwing Reality: Under The Bus

He's seen it all. Well, almost all. Ok, at least some of it!

Interviews with the author, - the driver who ran over Mr. Reality - inspired our original hand drawn illustrations. This book is a glimpse into the side of life that at times is just plain 'bizarre beyond belief' (which is stranger than fiction) and too absurdly funny not to LOL.

From a look back at times when we were stuck at home to ripping apart reality and dissecting the origins of our own idioms, we'll take you on a bumpy ride, but one that is sure to take your mind off the real world today. At least make you smile.. Who knows? 

Not us. We try to avoid reality!

Check out our gallery of UnderTheBus Cartoons:

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